The World Trade Centers Association - WTCA - based in New York ( is a non-profit, non-political association aiming at promoting economic development and enhancing international trade... to make it an important contributor to the prosperity of the local area... and of the world beyond.

The WTCA was established in 1970 by few ambitious individuals who planted the first seed of this association to facilitate international trade by bringing together exporters, importers and service providers. Today, and under the umbrella of the WTCA, the latest updates list 320 WTCs... Operating in 91 countries... serving 1,000,000 companies and affiliated entities. Its strength lies in its global links & reciprocity offered to members. Being affiliated with any of them, reciprocally entitles you to the same privileges offered by any other WTC worldwide.

The WTCA has been a world leader in developing innovative services for international businesses. It has also achieved global recognition through its leadership in international relations and trade, strategic alliances, promotion of economic development and technology.

The WTCA transcends national boundaries to promote international business relationships - by expanding partnerships and trade links throughout the globe, to make international trade easier to conduct - by concentrating traders and trade services into specific dedicated centers.

Through the WTCA, political and geographic borders become reasons for cooperation rather than dividing lines, as it enables members to interact with people of every ideology in pursuit of common economic interests - through resources and cooperative networks that no other organization has access to.

Peace & Stability through Trade

Our strategy for promoting peace and stability through trade offers one of the best hopes available to improve cooperation among peoples everywhere.  It is based on a series of simple but powerful truths.

* Poverty is a breeding ground for conflict;

* Prosperity is an antidote for conflict;

* Poverty can be overcome and prosperity achieved through growth in business
   and  employment;

Business success for any region in today's world means success in world business;

Success in world business requires effective training, global contacts and first-
   class support services; and

World Trade Centers can supply the services and facilities needed to help regions
    and individuals prosper and relate peacefully with the rest of the world.

   Guy Tozzoli
   World Trade Centers Association

The WTCA plans to reconstruct 5 new skyscrapers embracing The Freedom Tower expected to be completed in 2012.

The Dream changing to a myth.

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