An agreement of partnership has been signed between the WTCA and "CenTradeX" - based in Tennessee - USA (www.centradex.com).

CenTradeX maximizes the productivity of your sales force and builds a sales opportunity pipeline by accessing the most market intelligence resources available. CenTradeX's online tool quickly and accurately identifies companies shipping and receiving international freight in your sales territory and around the world. CenTradeX leverages your power by expanding your markets through providing global opportunities.

CenTradeX enables you to :

1 - Access the ultimate in global trade intelligence. Integrating international trade and company information from over 200 countries, 20,000 product categories, and several million companies, CenTradeX accurately tracks 12 trillion dollars of global trade flows.

2 - View a global perspective for your product and its corresponding market-specific intelligence by identifying it to importers/exporters, introducing it to potential markets, recognizing who is buying it, where can you distribute it, where can you source it, finding the exact product you need, identifying and ranking the top nationwide importers of your product.

3 - Locate the best markets to buy or sell. Reports shows the market share for the top global exporters and importers of your selected product (ranked by value), market size & share, cheaper sources and analysis trends in the marketplace.

4 - Identify international companies in a selected market and their complete profiles.

5 - Identify your competitors in a certain country and their activities.

Detailed and timely, the easy-to-use dynamic web interface displays the destination of imported goods and location of import buyers, geographic concentration of import consignees, port activity, carrier information, trading partners and much more.

CenTradeX is not a database providing data.... but providing custom trade solution.

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